COVID-19: It touches us all.

I left my house for the first time in over three weeks to go to the grocery store today.  I’ve been listening to the news and checking the CDC website on a daily basis so I’ve felt pretty informed about what’s been going on.  It sounds silly, but i wasn’t prepared to see the man […]

Balancing Motherhood

I’ve been quiet on here and more generally, writing less for good reason.  I birthed a beautiful, healthy, strong-willed, and awe-inspiring sweet girl ten months ago.  And over the last ten months I’ve been learning how to be a mom and still be myself.  I’ve been learning how to give everything to help shape this […]

Entering Motherhood

    I woke up at five o’clock this morning-as I’ve been doing for most of my second and third trimester- with a tender calling to hold on to all of this.  The pull of savoring my pregnancy experience led me to the couch with a warm blanket to write while the snow fell quietly […]

A home to a life.

September 23rd.   There are so many small details.  Like you coming back from the grocery store with a pregnancy test and me rolling my eyes, laughing lightheartedly. Like the distinct word “pregnant” stunning my mind into disbelief.  Like your face lighting up, and an unmistakable flood of happiness radiating throughout the room.  My bare feet […]

On the shame we know, the self-compassion we need.

I used to laugh and half-roll my eyes when people would suggest I was a perfectionist.  I would smile and internally affirm that those people really didn’t know me.  Sometimes I would outwardly disagree. “I don’t have to have things be perfect or just right.  I don’t get obsessed with details or making things look […]